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Distant Havens

by The Foxglove Trio

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The beautiful cover artwork by Natalie Reid shows a variety of scenes and characters which crop up in the themes of the album.

    Inside is a 12 page booklet with full lyrics and credit. Design by Ivan Nascimento, it also highlights the characters from the songs. Look out for the little surprise when you remove the CD from the case!

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Intro 00:59
Wish I were with you, I couldn't stay, Every direction leads me away, Pray for tomorrow, but for today All I want is to be home
Do you see what I see, cold and alone, A little girl lost and far from her home? She rambles and wanders, the streets are all dark As she searches for answers, a signal or mark Do you she what I see? Do you see her plight? The little girl’s crying from pain and from fright, You’re shrouded by fortune and blind to your part, Do you feel any pain or regret in your heart? For the road is a hard place for a child on her own And the world shows a hard face to a girl with no home, Do people lack kindness? Do people not care? Perhaps we’ve forgotten, we’re looking elsewhere Do you see what I see, that girl over there? If you could reach out would you hear her prayer? And would you embrace her and show her your heart? Would you turn back the clocks to be begin at the start? Chorus Do you see what I see, cold and alone, A little girl lost and far from her home? When you see what I see you’ll know what to do, This girl’s looking for someone like you Chorus
Ym Mhontypridd mae ‘nghariad, Ym Mhontypridd mae ‘mwriad, At Bontypridd rwy’n dechrau ‘nhaith Pob cam dan olau’r lleuad Ym Mhontypridd mae 'nghariad, Ym Mhontypridd mae 'mwriad, Ym Mhontypridd mae'r ferch fach lân, A'i chael o flaen y 'ffeiriad, A'i chael o flaen y 'ffeiriad Mi hela' heddiw unswllt, Mi hela' fory ddeuswllt, A chyn y colla' i ferch ei mam Mi dreia' i am y triswllt Cytgan Mae 'mwthyn ger yr afon, Mae gennyf wartheg blithion, Mae gennyf fferm ar lannau Taf, O tyred ataf, Gwenfron Cytgan Mi glywais lawer caniad, Mi welais lawer bwriad, Mi welais lawer benyw lân, Ond neb mor lân a 'nghariad. Cytgan
I was brought up in Sheffield but not of high degree, My parents doted on me, they had no child but me, I roamed about in pleasure just as my fancy led 'Til I was bound apprentice then all my joys were fled I did not like my master, he did not treat me well, I made a resolution not long with him to dwell, One evening from my parents and him I ran away, I steered my course to London and cursed be the day A very rich young lady from London met me there, She offered me great wages to serve her for a year, At last with great persuasion with her I did agree To go and live in Holland which proved my destiny I had not been in Holland scarce one month, two or three Before my honoured mistress grew very fond of me, She said, "I've gold and silver, I've houses and I've land, If you’ll consent to live with me they'll be at your command" I said, "Dear honoured lady, I cannot wed you now For I have lately promised and made a solemn vow To wed with dearest Polly, your handsome chambermaid, Excuse me, honoured mistress, she has my heart betrayed" She flew into a passion and turned her back on me, Resolved by he who made her to take revenge on me, The gold ring on her finger, as I was passing by, She slipped into my pocket and for it I must die My mistress swore I’d robbed her and I was quickly brought To stand before the justice to answer for the fault, Long time I pleaded innocent but that would not avail, She swore so false against me and I was sent to jail The day of execution, and on that fateful day I pray'd the people round me to come and pity me, Take warning from my downfall, I bid the world adieu, Farewell my dearest Polly, I died through loving you, Farewell my dearest Polly, I died through loving you
The January girl sets off in woollen hat and scarf but soon discards them, The February girl needs not just scarves but shawls and coats and mittens too, In March the girl spots daffodils and wonders what the frost will kill, Or will there be a heatwave? The April girl is worried for the Easter lambs being born into a blizzard, In May the girl soaks in the sun and wonders whether summer captured spring, In June it’s time to be outside, go open up your windows wide To welcome in the summer July’s so hot the bees die off, the girl can’t get enough of ice cream sundae, The August daughters want to play but now the rain has chased the sun away, In September Michael comes to court the girl but she’s no fun, She just complains about the weather October girl tries harvesting her garden but the Autumn fruit has withered, November girl looks on and cries as streams and rivers flow into the towns, December girl tucks in the night with evergreens and candlelight, There’s no need to light the fire The January girl reclaims her woollen clothes and vows to treasure every day, She looks back through the year that’s passed and worries for her sisters yet to come, The January girl’s still here, but will the seasons of the year Soon be lost forever?
Dusk the Day 02:45
What cometh here from west to east a wending? And who are these, these marchers stern and slow? We bear the message that the rich are sending Aback to those who bade them wake and know Not one, not one, nor thousands must they slay, But one and all if they would dusk the day. We asked them for a life of toilsome earning, They bade us bide their leisure for our bread, We craved to speak to tell our woeful learning: We’ve come back speechless, bearing back our dead. Chorus They will not learn; they have no ears to hearken, They turn their faces from the eyes of fate, Their gay-lit halls shut out the skies that darken But, lo! this dead man knocking at the gate Chorus Here lies the sign that we shall break our prison: Amidst the storm he won a prisoner's rest, But in the cloudy dawn the sun arisen Brings us our day of work to win the best Chorus
Branwen 03:48
When Branwen heard she would be married Her heart was filled with excitement and fear, To be a wife was her desire But to her brothers she wished to stay near, “My home, my home,” young Branwen cried, “It's for your bright future I will be a bride” She travelled far across the ocean With her new husband and silver and gold, Away from home and its betrayal To live in peace until they both grew old, “Fine Sir, fine Sir,” young Branwen cried, “With our lands united I'll stay by your side” When two years passed she bore a young son And for his uncle he's scolded and shamed, Efnisien's deeds were not forgotten, She bore his penance by being enslaved, “My son, my son,” young Branwen cried, “I'll pray for you daily, my baby, my pride.” And as she toiled and baked the court's bread A little starling became her one friend, "O little bird, please take my message, Go ask my brother an army to send, My friend, my friend,” young Branwen cried, “You'll be my salvation, the winds are your guide” The king arrived with spears shining And ships of soldiers 'cross river and wave, "Release the girl, release from prison My darling sister, young Branwen the brave" “Alive, alive,” young Branwen cried, “If not for Bendigeidfran, I'd surely have died” The girl's released but still there's fighting, No love can keep these bold soldiers apart, Her son is killed, her brother poisoned, Then Branwen cries with a pain in her heart, “My God, my God,” young Branwen cries, Her heart splits in two then young Branwen she dies.
Si Hei Lwli 02:55
Si hei lwli 'mabi, mae'r llong yn mynd i ffwrdd, Si fy mabi lwli, mae'r capten ar y bwrdd, Si hei lwli, lwli lws, cysga, cysga 'mabi tlws, Si hei lwli 'mabi, mae'r llong yn mynd i ffwrdd Si hei lwli 'mabi, y gwynt o’r dwyrain chwyth, Si fy mabi lwli, mae’r wylan ar ei nyth, Si hei lwli, lwli lws, cysga, cysga 'mabi tlws, Si hei lwli 'mabi, y gwynt o’r dwyrain chwyth Si hei lwli 'mabi, rhyw ddydd daw’r llong yn ôl, Si fy mabi lwli, cawn grwydro yn y ddôl, Si hei lwli, lwli lws, cysga, cysga 'mabi tlws, Si hei lwli 'mabi, rhyw ddydd daw’r llong yn ôl
“Os daw fy nghariad i yma heno i guro’r gwydr glas, Rhowch ateb gweddus iddo, n’atebwch mono’n gas, Nad ydyw’r ferch ddim gartre' na’i h’wyllys da’n y tŷ, Llanc ifanc o’r plwy arall, Llanc ifanc o’r plwy arall sydd wedi mynd â hi” “Da chwithau, lân ferch ifanc, rhowch ran o’ch cwmni clyd I lanc sy' dan y ffenest, heb feddu lle’n y byd, Mae’r llanw wedi llenwi, a’m llong ar frig y don, Ni ddeuaf byth i’ch blino, Ni ddeuaf byth i’ch blino ‘run noswaith ‘rhawg, ond hon” Atebai’r ferch yn gryno nad oedd hi’n lojio neb, “Mae’r ffordd yn ddigon llydan a’r llwybrau’n ddigon teg, A chwithau, lencyn gwisgi, ewch efo glan y dŵr, Mae digon o’r mân gychod, Mae digon o’r mân gychod, cewch bàs efo’r rhain yn siŵr Fy nghalon sydd cyn drymed â’r march sy’n dringo’r rhiw, Wrth geisio bod yn llawen, ni fedrwn yn fy myw, Mae’r esgid yn fy ngwasgu mewn lle nas gwyddoch chi, A llawer gofid meddwl, A llawer gofid meddwl, sy’n torri 'nghalon i Pe meddwn edyn eryr, mi fyddwn lawer gwell I hedeg at fy nghariad sydd yn y gwledydd pell, Dros diroedd maith a moroedd, gobeithio’i fod o’n iach Rwy’n caru’r tir lle cerddodd, Rwy'n caru'r tir lle cerddodd o wraidd fy nghalon fach”
Dau Aderyn 04:21
Y deryn pur â’r adain las Bydd i mi’n was dibryder, O! brysur brysia at y ferch Lle rhois i’m serch a’m hyder, Dos di ati, dywed wrthi Mod i’n wylo’r dŵr yn heli, Mod i’n irad am ei gweled Ac o’i chariad yn ffaelu â cherdded, O! Duw faddeuo’r hardd ei llun Am boeni dyn mor galed Pan own i'n hoenus iawn fy hwyl Ddiwrnod gŵyl yn gwylio, Canfyddais fenyw lana’ erioed Ar ysgafn droed yn rhodio, Pan f’ei gwelais, syth mi sefais, Yn fy nghalon mi feddyliais, “Wele ddynes lana’r deyrnas, A’i gwên yn harddu’r oll o’i chwmpas,” Ni fynswn gredu un dyn fyw Nad oedd yn ryw angyles Y deryn du pigfelen a hedi drosto’i nawr A llythyr dan dy aden i ‘nghofio’i at liw’r wawr? Dwed wrth y ferch lle rhois fy serch, gwaith bod hi’n groes o hyd, Y cana’ i’n iach i’m ‘nwylyd fach tra byddwy' yn y byd Os wyt yn gwrthod gobaith fe wywa’r galon fwyn, Fe dderfydd chwarae’r hawddfyd fu gynt fel tes ar dwyn, Ymhell o’th fyrdd a’u blodau fyrdd rhaid troi ar ymdaith hir, A’r lleoedd a’m hadwaenent gynt ni’m gwelaf mwy ar dir Y deryn du pigfelen a ei di drosto’i dal I dŷ Henri Roberts i ddisgyn ar y wal, A dwed wrth Mari William i beidio bod mor ffôl I garu Edward Morgan a gadael Siôn ar ôl
My Lord, He said unto me, “Do you like my garden so fair? You may live in this garden, if you keep my grasses green, And I'll return in the cool of the day” Now is the cool of the day Now is the cool of the day Oh, this earth is a garden, the garden of my Lord And he walks in His garden In the cool of the day And my Lord, He said unto me, “Do you like my garden so pure? You may live in this garden, if you keep my waters clean, And I'll return in the cool of the day” Chorus And my Lord, He said unto me, “Do you like my pastures so green? You may live in this garden if you will feed my lambs, And I'll return in the cool of the day” Chorus And my Lord, He said unto me, “Do you like my garden so free? You may live in this garden if you keep my people free And I'll return in the cool of the day” Chorus
William 04:45
Gadawodd ei gartref mewn anfri Gan foddi sŵn wylo ei dad, Ac aeth yn bell, bell mewn oferedd, O'r diwedd gadawodd ei wlad, Dod adref mae'r bechgyn afradlon Fu'n crwydro mor ffyddlon a ffôl, Ond eto, er disgwyl a disgwyl, Mae William, mae William ar ôl Daeth llong un diwrnod i'r porthladd A bechgyn o'r fro ar y bwrdd, Hen ffrindiau, perthnasau ddaeth yno Yn llawen mewn cariad i'w cwrdd, A llawer mam dirion gofleidia Ei bachgen yn llawn i'w chôl, Ond eto, er disgwyl a disgwyl, Mae William, mae William ar ôl Os gwelwch chi William yn rhywle Dywedwch hyn wrtho'n ddi-nam, Fod bechgyn o’r fro un diwrnod I gyd yn cyd-hebrwng ei fam, Ei dad yn yr angladd a wylai Yn fwyfwy galarus ei gôl, Wrth ddisgwyl a disgwyl a meddwl Fod William, fod William ar ôl Mi ganaf, mi ganaf am wynfyd, Hen wlad yr addewid a rhoi Lle na fydd dim gofid, dim galar, Dim rhyfel, dim ffarwel, dim poen, I fyny, i fyny mae'r nefoedd, Hen gartref annwylyd y tad Lle na fydd dim blwch yn y teulu, Na William ar ôl yn y wlad.
For fame and for fortune I wandered the earth, And now I've come back to This land of my birth, I’ve brought back my treasures But only to find They're less than the pleasures I first left behind For these are my mountains, And this is my glen, The lands of my childhood Will know me again, No land's ever claimed me Tho' far I did roam, For these are my mountains, And I'm going home The brook by the road sings At my going by, The swift overhead wings With welcoming cry, The lake where the kite flies, At last I can see It’s here where my heart lies, It’s here I’ll be free Chorus Kind faces will meet me And welcome me in, And how they will greet me, My own kith and kin, This night round the fireside Old songs will be sung, At last I'll be hearing My own mother tongue Chorus
Outro 01:30
Wish I were with you, I couldn't stay, Every direction leads me away, Pray for tomorrow, but for today All I want is to be home Stand in the mirror, it all looks the same, Just looking for shelter from cold and from pain, Someone to cover, safe from the rain, And all I want is to be home


The Foxglove Trio's second album showcases the band’s signature sound which is based on Patrick Dean’s bold melodeon playing, Cathy Mason’s intricate cello lines and Ffion Mair’s clear, soaring vocals.

This album features more a capella singing, more self-penned songs, more voices, more percussion and more Welsh language than the first album.


released October 9, 2017


all rights reserved



The Foxglove Trio Wales, UK

The Foxglove Trio is a group of multi-instrumentalists who perform mostly traditional songs from around the British Isles in English and Welsh. Gathering material from sessions, published song collections and contemporary artists, these talented musicians are making a name for themselves on the UK folk scene for their beautiful harmonies, creative new arrangements and engaging live performances. ... more

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